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Smart Logistics Services

About FreightWise Logistics

FreightWise Logistics is a smart logistics company based with a wide-range of services and experience in shipping and deliverying packages worldwide.


Competitive Pricing

FreightWise offers a wide-range of competitive and tiered to suit your needs.


Widdest Delivery Network

Largest network of offices and agents in the Caribbean. Over 6000 agents and international partners worldwide.


A Wealth of Experience

FreightWise Logistics offer over 36 years of service in the business helping to meet logistic needs.

frequently asked questions

Get to know how FreightWise Logistics works:

Worldwide Shipping

FreightWise Logistics is a hybrid B2B/B2C platform allowing businesses and individuals of any form with readily available shipments to be linked to equipped carrier service companies.

We support all palletised and bulk tank transport. Please contact us for any specific requirements.

FreightWise operates under country-specific freight forward industry terms. We are members of Logistics and Freight Association of America (LFAA). FreightWise can also offer specific insurance cover on request. We regularly review our transport providers and only work with professional and experienced carriers.

Payment Services

There is no license fee or monthly subscriptions for signing up or access. FreightWise charges transaction fees and commission on shipments. For carriers, access is 100% free of charge.

After the digitalized proof of delivery (POD) is uploaded to the platform, payment will be received within 30 days.

You can discuss that with the support team here

Carrier FAQ

Once registered as a Carrier, we will review your application to verify your ability to handle our shippers’ freight. Carriers may begin to use our app as soon as all compliance documents have been approved.

FreightWise provides a digital solution for the road freight industry. We eliminate the typical manual processes (multiple emails, long phone calls, chasing down trucks and invoices) and replace them with one centralized platform for all logistics needs. Our online services and automated processes shorten booking time to minutes, reduce manual errors, and provide track & trace technology, making shipping simpler and more efficient.

FreightWise can handle shipments via road freight throughout all of continental Europe.